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Allstream is a leader in business communications throughout North America. Founded over 170 years ago in parallel with Canada’s first transcontinental railroad, Allstream continually re-invented itself to remain a leading provider of business communication services.

We combine scalable solutions with exceptional customer service to deliver the latest technology, and we’re positioned to help our customers accelerate into the future.

Allstream’s VoIP PBX solution offers business-class PBX voice telephony services with everything you need for your communication solution.

Go fully cloud-based or integrate your existing PBX voice service with our cloud services for a truly hybrid solution. Take advantage of the latest phone system features and streamline your communications services, at scale, for a lower monthly cost

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Are your communications slowing you down?
Would you say the applications you use for customer and employee
communications improve productivity?
According to our partner, RingCentral, 69% of employees waste more than an
hour of their day navigating between apps that don to work together. At the
same time, 71% of customer service agents have to constantly leave their CX
app to get help from coworkers.
RingCentral offers a unified communications and customer experience
solution on a single award-winning platform. They reduce app overload,
increase productivity and raise customer satisfaction.
Take a look at this infographic here to learn more about the benefits of
combining your UX and CX solutions,

Moving your communications to the cloud doesn’t mean you need to toss out your
on-premises PBX system. GoToConnect SIP Trunks extends the power of your
existing PBX to every branch office and your remote workforce. GoToConnect SIP
Trunks helps you deliver a powerful, fully integrated mobile and web communications

application for all your employee



GoToConnect web and desktop apps free your employees from the office and give them.the flexibility to access essential phone, meeting, text, and support 

Access the entire backend of your cloud communication
system remotely and make changes on the fly for any
location, wherever you are.

GoToConnect’s desktop app makes sure you never miss a call
even if you close your browser. Save screen space by minimizing
the app to focus on your work during a call or meeting.
Your One Solution for

Although you’ve secured employee access to critical applications
using LastPass, your job isn’t done yet.
GoToConnect supports your security initiatives by providing your entire
organization with business-grade phone, meetings, messaging and more
in one secure, unified application. With amazing reliability and all-inclusive
pricing, GoToConnect’s cloud-based application is incredibly easy to manage

Phone.com is a cloud-based communications services provider, and has created the best business- communications

platform on the planet–an always-available phone system
that adjusts to your business needs, with more than 50 Features available at the click of a button.

Our platform seamlessly connects all of your devices via the
public Internet (Bring Your Own Broadband – BYOB), and
delivers a united phone presence for your company – one
that is powered by something extraordinary: Common sense! Phone.com is an innovative company oering innovative services designed for small businesses.

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